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Our health care simulations help executives and physician leaders:

• Understand the complex and dynamic health care business environment

• Translate information about broad business environment trends into specific operational and financial consequences

• Identify strategic implications for their organizations

• Develop and test new strategies and assess potential risks, benefits, tradeoffs, and key success drivers

• Align organizational constituencies around key change issues


The Zoomtech Manufacturing Corporation Simulation is an executive leadership development simulation that allows participants to:

• Experience the “whole organization” perspective

• Improve financial literacy and strengthen understanding of the relationships between competitive and business environment conditions, operational decisions, and financial performance

• Assess and reflect on effectiveness of individual and team decision making skills in a feedback rich environment


We develop customized simulations for Executive Education and Leadership Development programs for corporate and academic clients. Our customized simulations support:

• The development of executive skills, including the whole organization perspective, strategy execution, financial literacy, and teamwork

• Organizational change efforts

• Exploration of a wide range of business issues, including mergers and acquisitions, changes in competitive landscape, and complex tradeoffs